Building Science Engineering


To all future homeowners!


We are available to review your own plans to ensure specifications and details are appropriate for Door County’s climatic conditions from a licensed structural engineer practicing in Door County for more than 30 years. Cost starting as low as a flat $295.00 for professional plan review and subsequent consultations & recommendations regarding best building materials to use in Door County before it’s too late.

We also provide “Expert Witness Testimony” regarding defective construction and failure of inappropriate building material usage. There is, in truth, a huge difference between engineered construction specifications and non-engineered specifications that only a licensed engineer can legally provide to homeowners at a very, very reasonable low cost. The best insurance you can buy for your new home/cottage/remodel or commercial build.

Here are a few examples of what we help you avoid:

Negative resultant due to lack of applied Professional Engineering/Building Science.

Even small details like engagement of roof cupola improperly flashed and thus water incursion rots structure  away.

Reasons why homeowner should have a structural engineer review plans before construction.

Good construction management would prevent even small elements to be done right the first time.

Stair safety railing is in code violation because no one acted as the on-site  construction managing engineer.

Shingles installed incorrectly due to lack of professional construction management. For about $150.00, a professional engineer would write specifications and check out final product before final payment is made.

Voodoo Engineering by non-engineer.

Inappropriate decking material shows why the simplest construction can go wrong without the recommendations of a Professional Engineer.

Inappropriate fiber cement board siding is a modern product that Mike Till rejects for use Door County’s “Hygrothermal Effect” causes early degradation of such composites.

If a responsible structural engineer was running project for owner, this post would be larger and properly braced in order to keep post from kicking out. NOTE: The Wisconsin Statutes only allows a Registered Professional Engineer to legally perform authentic engineering and no that other design professional can perform engineering services without such licensing. Check us out for very affordable residential engineering consultation… no charge for initial phone conference.